Ways to Thank a Caregiver

by in Blog March 3, 2020

Today is Caregiver Appreciation Day!

If you have a caregiver or know someone who has been serving as a primary caregiver, today is the day to reach out and show them how much they are valued! Caring for an aging loved one is not easy. Personal and family time are sacrificed, and it can also be an emotionally difficult time for the caregiver to see their loved one so vulnerable. Here are some ideas to communicate thanks and gratitude to a caregiver. No matter how large or small, the gesture is always appreciated.

  • Offer a time out: Offer to step into their caregiving shoes for a few hours so they can have a little time to run an errand or do something for themselves, like exercise.
  • Deliver a meal: Many caregivers are often running from work to their loved one and probably relying on fast food to get them through the transition. Prepare a healthy homemade meal they can easily heat up and enjoy.
  • Write a note: Write a thank you note to express gratitude for your caregiver’s efforts. As a friend, express admiration for the dedication and great job you see being done by them.
  • Gift SelfCare: Caregivers dedicate most, if not all their time to taking care of a loved one, often forgetting about themselves. Gift a short massage or manicure to give them a little “me” time and well-deserved pampering.
  • Make Them Laugh: Taking care of a loved one can have a toll on emotions, making a caregiver often feel sad or discouraged. Prompt a laugh by sending them an unexpected funny meme, scene from a favorite movie or a reminder of a funny memory you’ve had together. Laughter is a priceless gift.
  • Help with Spring Cleaning: Taking care of a loved one leaves a caregiver no time to tend to their own chores. Many house cleaning services offer gift cards. It’s amazing what two hours with a cleaning service can do for the soul!
  • Keep Them Occupied: For many, being a caregiver means sitting in a hospital room or spending lots of time commuting in the car. A gift card to a streaming service like Netflix, or for e-books or digital music would help them pass the time.
  • Sing Their Praises: If your caregiver is a hired person, let their managers know how happy and satisfied you are with their service. Share what you feel are your caregiver’s best qualities. It may even help them get some extra recognition or bonus at work!

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