Hospice Care

Hospice care should be considered when a patient has a life-limiting illness that is progressing despite standard treatments. When considering hospice care at Pathways, understand that physical, emotional and spiritual support is provided, with an emphasis on the relief of pain and other distressing symptoms.

Hospice care is covered by Medicare and Medicaid and, in most instances, by private insurance benefits. For those who are uninsured or those not able to pay in full, Pathways may provide financial assistance for hospice care services.

The decision to choose hospice care can be difficult as the patient and family need to accept the shift in focus from curative to comfort care. Unfortunately, the most common regret of hospice families and patients is waiting until it is almost too late to take advantage of the benefits a comprehensive hospice care program can provide. Pathways, located in Fort Collins, provides hospice care services to Northern Colorado including Loveland, Greeley, and Windsor.