Pediatric Care Services

Make Every Moment Count

Receiving a diagnosis that a child has a serious or life-limiting illness is never expected and devastating to hear. At Pathways, our goal is to provide strength,
comfort and guidance for the child and family during such a difficult time.

We understand that the physical and emotional needs of a child and family are different than adults. Pathways’ pediatric services are tailored for children, from infants to age 18. Our team’s holistic approach to caring for your child takes into consideration your child and family’s individualized needs, including spiritual, social and medical.

With Pathways’ large range of services and team’s experience and expertise, we focus on enhancing the child’s quality of life while helping your family function during this difficult time.

Pediatric palliative care can begin at any stage of illness. It serves to improve quality of life by relieving distressing symptoms and stress that come with a serious illness. The Children with Life Limiting Illness program (CLLI) provides in-home benefits for children while allowing families to continually seek curative treatment. 

Pediatric hospice care at Pathways involves a coordinated team care approach. This includes pain and symptom management and helps provide comfort and relief after a terminal diagnosis. This approach allows the patient and family to continue work with their current care team alongside the pediatric hospice care team.

Children and families have unique needs that our trained counselors understand and can address using creative therapies. including art and music therapy, or outdoor activities in our Children’s Healing Garden. Our counseling services support all members of the family, including siblings and grandparents. 

Serious Illness Counseling

Serious illness presents numerous changes in the family. Our team offers support that may include adjustments to new routines, dealing with symptoms and treatments, and taking on caregiving responsibilities. Counseling can help navigate these changes and manage difficult emotions.

Trained and Prepared

Our staff has completed numerous training sessions specific to pediatric services. This training ensures that our staff is skilled in pediatric communication, ethical, and spiritual aspects of care for your child or teen.

Pathways is the only organization in our community to provide pediatric grief and serious illness counseling.

  • Our nurses and interdisiplinary team members are certified in pediatric palliative and hospice care through the ELNEC (End-of-Life Nursing Education Consortium)
  • Our staff is highly adept in symptom and pain management, concurrent care, and hands-on skill techniques
  • Our breadth and depth of services means our children and families have more options and more control about how they want to manage their illness and day-to-day lives

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