General Resources

Family Caregiver Support Program Assessment

Apply to receive support from Larimer County during your role as a caregiver.

Answers on Aging Resource Guide

Learn of the programs and service available to our aging citizens in Larimer County.

Voucher Program Application

This program is designed for individuals who are 60+ who cannot perform the task that the service voucher provides.

National Institute on Aging

Understand aging and how to live a longer, healthier life. 

Hospice Resources

National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization

Providing inspiration and guidance to hospice and palliative care providers to enrich experiences for patients and ease care-giving responsibilities. 

Alzheimer's Care Resource Center

Learn to navigate life’s changes that occur when living with Alzheimer’s, from diagnosis to end-of-life care.

Alzheimer's Association

Leading voluntary health organization in Alzheimer’s care, support, and research.

Palliative Care Resources

Get Palliative Care

Learn about what palliative care is, who it helps, and how to get it here.


Cancer turns your life upside down. CancerCare® is there to make it a little easier.

Grief & Loss Resources

Unspoken Grief

A specific grief resource for families who have suffered a miscarriage, stillbirth, or neonatal loss.

Responding to Change and Loss​

This short booklet helps parents guide children through processing grief and create stories to connect their family.

Death Cafe

Death cafes aim to increase awareness of death and help people to get the most out of life. 

Open to Hope

Find articles and tips on how to find hope after dealing with a loss.

Talking to Children about Tragic Events

A short Q&A introducing conversations with kids about tragic events, including actionable tips and good things for caregivers to keep in mind when talking about grief with children.

Parent Resources

Tips to support families as they support students during this pandemic

This encouraging resource helps parents with coping skills and activity ideas to help families take care of themselves through the pandemic.

Talking with Children about COVID-19

From the Centers for Disease Control, this can help present the facts about COVID-19 to kids, with the most up-to-date information and helpful techniques.

Managing Anxiety and Stress

Supportive information for dealing with anxiety

There’s no doubt that things are scary. This source helps identify what may be anxiety and stress, and how to cope in a healthy, encouraging way.

Manage Anxiety and Stress

In addition to easy facts about anxiety, stress and how they show up, the CDC also offers ways to talk to children about their feelings during COVID-19.

Veteran Resources

We Honor Veterans

Pathways is a member of We Honor Veterans. 

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