Pathways in Larimer County

We’ve been around for over 40 years. What started as a small staff of volunteers caring for only a few patients during their last days has turned into a much larger organization. Still a nonprofit, Pathways now cares for thousands each year via hospice care, palliative care, and grief and loss counseling. 


Grief & Loss

We have professional and qualified grief and loss counselors on staff who specialize in all areas of healing for children, adults, and families with art therapy, crisis counseling, trauma interventions, and more. Our counselors hold many events each month for different groups of people who are experiencing similar situations.

Hospice Care

Our hospice team consists of physicians, RNs, advanced practice nurses, CNAs, social workers, grief counselors, and more. We work to improve quality of life whether that be in your own home, at an assisted living location, or our in-patient care center.

Palliative Care

Those dealing with a serious illness may benefit from palliative care. We provide specialized services to assist with pain and symptom management, counseling, and support on how to navigate health care choices. We offer this for all patients of any age, including children facing a life limiting illness, or those dealing with dementia.

Veterans Care

We are proud members of the “We Honor Veterans” project and provide specialized treatment for those who have served as well as their families.

Upcoming Events

Pathways is involved in many events each year including group therapy classes and retreats as well as fundraisers. Information about these events and registration forms can be found on our Upcoming Events page.

To view other upcoming events located in Weld County, please visit our events calendar

Outdoor Healing

The Pathways property on Carpenter Rd has been growing with more outdoor areas for those grieving to find peace and healing. Our labyrinth provides a space for meditation. Our most recent addition, the Children’s Healing Garden, is filled with meditation areas, counseling locations, and hands-on opportunities for children to explore their grief.

Looking for more? Contact us today!

Please contact us at  970-663-3500 or to learn more about volunteer opportunities.