Volunteer Spotlight: Steve Strong

by in News April 6, 2019

We are so fortunate to have many caring and dedicated volunteers at Pathways. In celebration of April being National Volunteer Month, we are putting the spotlight on some of the volunteers whose time and contributions make a difference in our patients’ lives.

Meet Pathways Volunteer: Steve Strong

Role at Pathways: Volunteer offering companion and care giver relief

Volunteer at Pathways since: 2014

Please tell us a little bit about yourself:

I’m a retired teacher of math and computer science at the high school and college levels in Iowa, and at Apple Computer in California. When we retired, my wife Carol and I came to Fort Collins to be near our grandchildren.  All my life I’ve been a fanatic carpenter and our retirement has given me the opportunity to spend a lot of time in my shop, as well as volunteering.  I ride my bicycle 20 miles 5 days a week when the weather permits it.

Describe what you do as a volunteer at Pathways.

Patients are assigned to me and I visit them in their home or in a care facility.  Before I meet the patient, I am given information on their situation that helps me approach the patient when we meet.

Why did you choose to volunteer at Pathways?

I was with my mom over a period of 9 days as she passed away, and the hospice volunteer really helped Mom, my sister and me.  I’m trying to “pay it back” so to speak and the patients teach me how to die.  I went to Pathways when we first got to Fort Collins and the warm, sensitive environment made it easy to volunteer.

What’s your favorite part about volunteering?

Being with the patient and sometimes with their family, and learning about their lives.


If you would like to volunteer at Pathways, please visit or email Deb Hayman at

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