Volunteer Help Wanted!

by in Messenger January 30, 2019

By Deb Hayman and Elise Carver

It takes a very special and caring person to be a volunteer at Pathways. Volunteers unselfishly give their time and expertise to bring good care to our patients in our Larimer and Weld County locations. Currently, there are a handful of volunteer positions that we are looking to fill. Those are:

  • Licensed Massage Therapists: The expert touch of massage helps relieve patients’ stress and pain.
  • Veterans: We make an effort to assign veteran volunteers to serve veteran patients, as this match often results in a special bond and ultimately, a special healing.
  • Licensed Beauticians: Personal care can be challenging for hospice patients. A hair cut by a beautician is an easy way to lift their spirits and help them feel more like themselves.

All volunteers are required to attend training before they are permitted to work with clients. The next trainings are:

  • Larimer: Feb 7 & 8, 8-4:30 both days
  • Weld: Feb 27 & 28, 8-4:30 both days
  • Save the date for July: Larimer: July 15 & 16, 8-4:30 both days

Those interested can apply at

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