What Makes Pathways the Best Choice for You and Your Loved One?

by in News, Services February 7, 2019

Hospice is not something a person thinks about until they are hit with the difficult reality that a loved one might be in need of end-of-life care. With the number of choices it can be emotionally overwhelming to pick the right one. We diligently work hard to make Pathways the best choice. Here are just some of the attributes that have earned Pathways the reputation for top quality care in the community and a top choice for hospice care.


  • As a nonprofit, Pathways has only one mission in mind: That is to effectively provide compassionate and comprehensive care to our patients and their loved ones. Our success is not based on financial gains, but is based solely on meeting patients’ needs and supporting them through an emotionally difficult time.
  • Care comes from people who believe in our nonprofit and our cause. Not only does Pathways have trained, expert doctors and counselors who have dedicated their careers to helping patients, but we also are fortunate to have dedicated volunteers, donors and business partners within the community give their time and monetary support. Together, we have been able to develop an effective and caring community for our patients.
  • Pathways provides care to anyone in need, regardless of their age, insurance or financial situation. Hospice care is fully covered under Medicare, Medicaid and most private insurance policies. However, donations and community support are a very important piece of the overall funding of Pathways’ hospice care, as they allow us to provide care to anyone in need.
  • Pathways holds Level IV status within the national “We Honor Veterans” program. This means that Pathways has successfully met all requirements of four participation levels, demonstrating our commitment and service to ensure veterans have access to quality end-of-life care. We tailor our services to address the unique challenges of those who have served us.
  • Pathways uses a holistic care approach. We recognize that a terminal illness does not only affect the patient, but the whole family as well. We offer bereavement support and remembrance memorials to help those who have lost a loved one grieve and navigate the difficult emotions that come with losing a loved one.
  • Pathways employs different forms of therapy not often found at other facilities. We offer options that go beyond traditional counseling. Pathways counselors use art, music and sand techniques to help clients express their emotions beyond words. These therapies are especially useful with younger clients.
  • Pathways has received training from Dementia-Friendly Leaders®. This program teaches senior professionals in long term care senior living communities, home care agencies, hospice and palliative care organizations so that they are prepared and able to provide person-centered/relationship-based dementia care.

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