Dementia Care

Person-Centered Dementia Care Pathways HospiceWhen facing the challenges of a life limiting illness, having help from someone who is knowledgeable and experienced can make all the difference. When these challenges include advanced dementia, that dementia care and support can be even more important.

Pathways has worked hard to provide comprehensive education to our staff in person-centered care of individuals with dementia. Since December of 2012, we have been recognized by the Alzheimer’s Association of Colorado as Leaders in Dementia Care.

Pathways is located in Northern Colorado, and we are here to help, providing expert medical and comfort care, extensive resources, and support for family members and caregivers, to allow the people in our care to live each moment as fully and comfortably as possible. We tailor our services to the needs and wishes of the individual and family.

Pathways focuses on improving quality of life during later stages of any illness, including dementia.


The Pathways Person-Centered approach to dementia care recognizes each person’s unique history and promotes awareness of the different needs and communication styles of each individual by:

  • Using empathy, listening skills and creativity to meet the needs of the person and their care partner
  • Treating each individual as a whole person to promote a sense of well-being, security and connectedness
  • Exploring non-medication methods of addressing challenges related to dementia care
  • Offering expert medical care and symptom management
  • Providing on-call 24/7 assistance for families and medical professionals
  • Delivering personal care to assist with activities of daily living
  • Offering art, music and other therapies as desired
  • Providing caregiver support and counseling for family and friends
  • Making available dementia care trained volunteer assistance, including companionship and respite for caregivers

View Dementia Care Brochure (.PDF)