Shari Vines Creates “Harmony of Hearts” to be Placed at Pathways Inpatient Care Center

by in Blog July 20, 2022

Loveland artist, Shari Vines, has created an inspiring sculpture to be placed at the new Pathways Inpatient Care Center.  “Harmony of Hearts” will greet everyone as they arrive at this new stand-alone, state-of-the-art, inpatient hospice care center.

Commissioned to craft a three-dimensional piece that is representative the Pathways logo but, also contemporary and abstract, Shari put her experience as a long-time employee of the corporate tech world to good use.

“Even though being an artist is a very right-brained process of creativity, I typically state with the heavily left-brained process of research,” explains Vines. Shari met with the people who do the work of Pathways, asking them why they do it and what keeps them there.

The name of the piece – Harmony of Hearts – speaks to the connections made between Pathways and everyone the organization touches. “We’re all brought together for a reason; we’re connected for reasons we may never understand,” states Vines.

The inpatient care center will provide high-quality, compassionate hospice care in a homelike setting to patients needing hospital-level treatment.  It will also further Pathways’ ability to work with local colleges and universities to educate the next generation of care professionals, including nurses, physicians, social workers, therapists and counselors.

For more information and to learn about how you can support the Pathways Inpatient Care Center please click here