Pathways Hosting One-Woman Art Show

by in Blog June 16, 2022

Judith Redman displaying her modern expressionism paintings in a show entitled 

“Mommy, Plleeaasse Look”

Pathways is displaying the artwork of Judith (Judy) Redman in the Thomas McKee Room at their Larimer County office at 305 Carpenter Road, Fort Collins and will host a reception on Friday, June 17 from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m.

Judy Redman studied art with Orlin Helgoe, John Mendoza, and Robert Wands and graduated from CSU-Pueblo in 1970. Due to major health problems as well as severe anxiety and depression, Judy did not engage in her art seriously until about 1995.  

Inspired by her close friend of more than 35 years, Lenore Senior, to begin painting again, Judy’s catalog of work now includes over 800 original pieces. Her signature artwork is two or more faces/figures in each painting and her style is Modern Expressionism.  

“I don’t know how to explain how I paint. It’s not something that is 100% in my control. I have a muse or someone that is helping me. I don’t care how crazy that sounds. It’s the truth,” stated Redman. 

“Any good paintings I’ve done, I have help from someone. I didn’t do it by myself and I think anyone who is an artist would probably tell you the same thing if they were going to be totally honest. The creative process is so complex, it just is! Make of it what you will and I’ll keep on painting. My paintings are my life and my emotions in visible form. My art isn’t always pretty.”

With the help of Lenore, who also frames many of Redman’s pieces, the art show is providing something that Judy has wanted to do all her life. 

Redman’s show will be on display throughout the month of June.  Please call (970) 663-3500 to attend a time other than the reception on June 17.

Judy’s artwork can be found on Fine Art America at