Places of Care

Pathways Hospice patients may choose home care, caregivers’ homes, long-term care facilities, assisted living, or our inpatient care centers in Northern Colorado. We bring our home care services to the “home” to assist the family members and friends in providing care for patients. We also want to make certain you have the resources and choices that you need.

To refer a patient, friend, or loved one for home care or assisted living, call us at 970.663.3500.

Home-based Care

In Northern Colorado many people choose to receive home care in the comfort and familiarity of their own homes instead of assisted living facilities. This provides convenience and comfort for family members and friends as well. While in some cases managing acute symptoms can necessitate transfer to our inpatient care center or a medical facility, in most cases our home care patients are able to remain at home if they so choose. With our home care service, we provide the same quality of care in your home that you would receive in a medical facility.

Assisted Living or Nursing Facilities

For patients with assisted living or nursing facilities as their primary residence, Pathways Hospice can work together with nursing home care staff to provide hospice care. As needed or requested, our medical directors can provide care, oversight and consultation. Additionally, to complement the in-house offerings of Skilled Nursing Facilities our volunteers offer a host of services including companionship, pet visits, photography, massage therapy and many more.

Inpatient Care: Pathways Hospice Care Center

When people require acute care for symptoms that cannot be managed by home care or assisted living elsewhere, Pathways Hospice provides inpatient care through our Hospice Care Center at McKee Medical Center in Loveland. Inpatient care includes complete medical, emotional and spiritual support provided by a skilled interdisciplinary team. Inpatient Care Rooms in the Hospice Care Center reflect a homelike atmosphere and are staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by Pathways Hospice personnel.