Paying for Hospice Care

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Who pays for hospice care?

  • Medicare – Medicare Part A includes a hospice benefit that pays 100 percent of allowed charges established by Medicare each year.
  • Medicaid – In Colorado, the Medicaid hospice benefit is structured in the same way as the Medicare hospice benefit.
  • Commercial Health Insurance – Each plan has benefits that can vary.  Pathways Hospice will assist patients and families in determining specific benefits to cover charges.
  • Private Pay – Hospice services can be paid for privately, if no insurance benefits are available.  Pathways Hospice will work with each person to address individual needs.
  • Uncompensated Care – If a patient’s care needs exceed available insurance coverage and/or other resources, Pathways Hospice will provide financial assistance to insure that everyone has access to care regardless of ability to pay.