Caregiver Pampering Days

Each year, Pathways and our partners offer caregivers a day of pampering and self-care workshops. Because of COVID-19 and our safety measures to protect everyone’s health, we will serve caregivers virtually for the first time this year.

Pampering will begin on July 2, at 10 a.m. with a keynote presentation led online by Jane W. Barton, expert on caregiving issues and resources, and author of Caregiving for the GENIUS and founder of Cardinal, LLC. 

From July 7-16, we will hold small, virtual pampering sessions for our caregivers. Workshops include:

 T’ai Chi Chih 

  • T’ai Chi Chih, a moving mindfulness practice, will enliven the natural energy from within the self to both calm the mind and energize the body. We will learn a simple practice of several movements and one pose.

Mindful Stress Reduction

  • Join us in learning a highly effective meditation method for stress reduction. Be guided through a meditation involving breathing, awareness and relaxation.

Guided Meditation through Music

  • A time for discussion of meaningful music. Each person in the group will be asked to share a song that is meaningful to them. 

What’s in Your Toolbox

  • In this session, caregivers will learn helpful coping tools. Each person will create art to remind themselves of the tools we review.

Guided Imagery through Music

  • This self-care group will be an experience that combines music and the imagination. Following brief suggestions for relaxation and/or inner focus, we will listen quietly to a selection of music, allowing it to stimulate imagery (thoughts, emotions, visualizations, memories, or physical sensations that arise). 

Guided Gong

  • Taking time for introduction, we will continue on to experience 15- and seven minute recorded guided gong meditations. For our theme, embracing your heart and calming anxiety, we will let go of our concerns for a bit and experience the peace of the present moment.

Caregivers will receive care packages from staff and volunteers from July 9-11. 

We hope you will join us for the keynote presentation, and up to two breakout pampering sessions per caregiver. Session descriptions, class times and instructor biographies are on our registration page. Space is limited.